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Wabi Sake

Wabi Sake


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Handmade Sake set Including a jug with two small cups and matching Masu boxes. 

This set has been manufactured using predominantly two techniques of hand-building with clay and slip casting.


The name Wabi Sake comes from a mixture of two Japanese terms, the first being Wabi Sabi broadly meaning; living in acceptance and finding the beauty in imperfection. The second term is Sake, the name of a traditional Japanese alcohol. 


I wanted to make a hand-made set to include a level of uniqueness in every item to create something imperfectly perfect personal to you.


Designed by Emily McGoldrick.

  • Materials

    Stoneware Clay, Oak Wood

  • Dimensions

    Jug – H10 x W11 x D9 cm 

    Cups – H5 x W4 x D4 cm

    Masu Boxes – H5.5 x W5.5 x D2.5 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Stoneware clay is food, microwave, and oven safe. To prevent the degradation of your clay pieces, handwash only. 


    The Oak Masu boxes are completely food safe, but they are very delicate and should avoid soaking them. They can handle a drip here and there but will break with excessive moisture, therefore, wipe to clean. 


    For general upkeep, the Masu boxes have been protected in a food safe mineral oil, to keep this finish, simply coat boxes in mineral oil every month or when needed.

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