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A decorative set of dipping bowls, crafted from white earthenware and adorned with a brushed white glaze, is elegantly displayed. 


Precision defines each bowl, incorporating purpose-specific indentations that embody the unique flavours of Asian cuisine. The smooth octagon rim, featuring soya bean indents, beckons savoury delights. The wavy rim, marked with glutinous rice indents, signifies tangy flavours. The sharper and edgier rim, bearing chilli seeds indents, is designed for nothing but spicy and fiery condiments. 


Fusing style with functionality, this set promises an enhanced dining experience where aesthetics and purpose seamlessly converge.


Designed by Andrea Teh.

  • Materials

    White Earthenware Casting with Lead-Free Glaze
  • Dimensions

    H2.1 x W8.3 x D8.3 cm

  • Weight

    36g each

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash gently with warm water.

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