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Saga is a new twist on a button design. The name SAGA captures the essence of lasting style. Product aims to breathe new life into your wardrobe and to make old clothes feel fresh and modern.


Inspired by the random overlapping trace lines of double pendulum motion, buttons remind of threads intertwined in knitwear. Each button in the set is based on a different pendulum motion graph and therefore unique.


To suit your style, SAGA buttons are available in two colourways. Each set consists of 5 buttons of approximately 2.3 cm diameter – a perfect fit for your knitwear, jackets, and coats.


Designed by Meda Grondskyte.

  • Materials

  • Dimensions

    H0.4 x W2.3 x D2.3 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Can be worn in any environment including high humidity or cold. To clean, use dry or damp cloth. Do not wash in washing machine.

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