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Phone Box

Phone Box


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This box is a proposal for overcoming the addictive nature of smartphones. It has magnets that locate the substantial lid to the base and a hole for a charger cable and sound to pass through. It has a handle on the lid, with waves extending outwards.  


Now you can choose to put the phone away, and every time you pick up this lid, you’ll be reminded of the promise you made to yourself to stay off it and be present.


It is made from Jesmonite, an eco-friendly water-based acrylic resin mixed with gypsum. 


(for the full purple option visual texture will vary)


Designed by Findlay McKay.

  • Materials

  • Dimensions

    H210 x W130 x D90 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

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