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Miniature Design Classics – Iconic Phone Collection

Miniature Design Classics – Iconic Phone Collection


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Inspired by my love for famous design and my recent journey into wood carving, I have made 3 miniature models of the most Iconic phones in the history of design. 


The first Red Telephone Box – Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1935)


Model 500 rotary phone – Henry Dreyfuss (1949)


First commercial mobile phone – Motorola dynatac 8000x – Martin copper for Motorola (1983)


The masters for each model were predominantly hand carved from a block of wood and tiny details were added via laser cuts and plasticine. Each model is cast in resin then painted and finished by hand. I have put an incredible amount of time, effort and focus into every individual model which makes each one unique.


I am looking to continue carving other miniature design classics making this original set that little bit more special.


Designed by Gabe Skeoch.

  • Materials

    JCAST Resin, acrylic & model paints, soldering wire (rotary phone), metal rod (mobile)

  • Dimensions

    Telephone Box – H6.5 x W2.5 x D2.5 cm

    Rotary Phone – H3 x W4.5 x D4.5 cm

    Mobile – H11.5 x W13 x D22 cm

  • Weight

    Telephone Box – 42g

    Rotary Phone – 29g

    Mobile – 18g

  • Care Instructions

    Handle with care as there are a few delicate parts.

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