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Gennao Concrete Planters

Gennao Concrete Planters


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Bringing together the industrial and organic, Gennao Planters represent the perfect balance between nature and design. A reminder that we must always strive to protect and maintain our unique planet. Gennao, meaning rebirth - encapsulates the propagation process these planters are designed for, enabling you to create new life from the offcuts of existing plants. Each planter is made from hand mixed concrete and cast individually making no two the same.  

Available in two forms:


Tekton (the engineer): a simple cantilever design, embodying the belief of nature and design supporting each other equally.


Tekhni (the craftsman): geometric planter inspired by brutalist architecture, depicting the contrast between organic and structural forms.


Designed by Morgan Rodgers.

  • Care Information

    Keep out of reach of children. Don’t forget to water.

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