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David is a set of four cultured-marble candlesticks based around the eye ear mouth and nose of Michelangelo’s David. 


This absurdist twist on traditional renaissance sculpture aims to capture a work in progress, by taking on the forms of ‘half carved’ marble blocks. Each candlestick contrasts courser raw faces, with buffed facial forms.


The four candlesticks are cast and handcrafted from Cultured Marble, wet sanded and polished. 


Can be used with candles or simply as an eye-catching centerpiece and conversation starter.


Designed for 20-24mm candles.


Designed by Sam Rice.

  • Materials

    Cultured Marble – A combination of 75% white marble and 25% binding agent. (A mix commonly used in statuary reproduction.)

  • Dimensions

    Eye H8 x W8 x D16.5 cm

    Ear H8 x W8 x D12 cm 

    Nose H9 x W6 x D2.5 cm

  • Weight


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