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Ctrl+Alt+Repeat is a desk fidget which incorporates mechanical keyboard switches to create a satisfying and false sense of productivity for when you’re lacking inspiration at work.  


The actuation force of the keyboard switch was carefully balanced with the weight of the steel ball, resulting in a timelessly satisfying click-clack every time it is alternated.  


The switch housings are secured by neodymium magnets, which allows the user to access the keyboard switch* while adding an additional level of satisfaction.  


Designed by Sean Hayashibara 


*Keyboard switches are interchangeable with any MX standard switches.


Designed by Sean Hayashibara.

  • Materials

    Clear photopolymer resin, Stainless steel
  • Dimensions

    H8.5 x W3.1 x D3.1 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Switch housings can be wiped using a damp cloth. Avoid moisture on steel components to avoid corrosion. If steel components are dirty, wipe clean using alcohol wipes. When removing switches, use a switch puller tool (not included) as prying may damage the switch and/or housing.

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