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‘Corail’ is a jewellery stand and accompanying tray inspired by the shapes and patterns of a coral reef and other natural forms. It is available in two colours, a pale green and a coral orange, influenced by the natural colours found in coral reefs and their surroundings.  The tray was made using recycled HDPE plastic, for example milk bottles, representing the waste polluting the ocean floor and destroying coral reefs. The stand was manufactured using HP MultiJet Fusion printing, this precise and high-tech method contrasting the handcrafted trays. Each product is unique and makes an exciting gift, whether for a loved one or yourself. The two pieces can be used together or individually, depending on your preference.


Designed by Mari Ferguson.

  • Dimensions

    H 16 x W 17.3 x D 5.5cm 

    Base - H 1.5 x W 14 x D 13cm

  • Weight


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