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CIRRO are transparent, colourful, acrylic vases, that are sure to brighten up any room. Their shape inspired their name, which comes from the Greek Latin word for ‘cloud’. Two different vases are available ‘sunset’ and ‘earth’ which represents their colouring. Each vase was laser cut, then stuck together by hand, giving each of them a personal touch. These vases are a decorative centrepiece for any table and truly come to life when the sun shines through them. They allow fresh flower arrangements to be displayed but also would be great for holding everyday objects, such as makeup brushes.


Designed by Kirsten Mitchell.

  • Materials


  • Dimensions

    CIRRO ‘sunset’ – H16 x W6 x D16 cm

    CIRRO ‘earth’ – H22cm x W6cm x D16 cm

  • Weight

    250g – 300g

  • Care Instructions

    Please peel off the protective film carefully. Handle with care as the acrylic can be fragile. To clean, cool water is recommended and/or a soft cloth to buff clean.

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