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Look at yourself differently. Crafted from upcycled denim, BlueLoom saves one and half pairs of jeans from adding to the 2.16 million tonnes of annual waste produced by denim. Its distinctive wiggles and curves draw inspiration from the organic twists and turns that occur in the art of crocheting. Every mirror showcases its individuality through a blend of denim washes, ensuring each piece is truly unique.


BlueLoom can be hung on a wall in three different ways using the hooks on the back, whichever feels right to you.


Designed by Rachel Sansom.

  • Materials

    Denim, Mirrored Acrylic, MDF
  • Dimensions

    H33 x W27 x D5 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Wipe mirror clean with cloth and mild detergent, be very careful as mirror can scratch easily.

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