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Ikeru Hana

Ikeru Hana


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‘Ikeru Hana’ is a vase designed for the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana. The word ikebana originates from the words “ikeru” meaning ‘to have life’ and “hana” meaning ‘flower’ – giving life to flowers.


The three elements of ikebana are line, mass and colour. Ikeru Hana encompasses this using copper pipe, treated to create a patina. The two olive wood stands can be placed along the pipe where you choose. A moveable Kenzan sits within the stand, ready for you to create your own floral art piece.

Please expect a slight variation in the copper patina.


Designed by Jessica Smith.

  • Materials

    Copper, Olive Wood, Birch Ply Wood

  • Dimensions

    H5 x W18.7 x D5.1 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Although it has been wax treated, take care when filling and emptying the vase of water not to excessively touch the copper patina. To clean, simply dust.

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