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Enhancing spaces with colour and botanical elegance.


This dichroic air plant holder, designed by Dean Quinn, redefines how we can harness the sunlight entering our homes. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerising colours of the Aurora Borealis, AURORA comes to life when hit by sunlight, creating vibrant hues across your room. The sunlight also nurtures your air plant, giving sunlight 2 clear uses in the one product.


AURORA is crafted from teardrop shaped dichroic acrylic sheets. This form accommodates the growth of the included young air plant to its full size, creating ever-shifting shadows across the surface of the dichroic acrylic. Also, due to AURORA’s ability to hang and rotate, every glance will reveal a unique array of colours.


Designed by Dean Quinn.

  • Materials

    Dichroic Acrylic, Air Plant, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions

    H21 x W16 x D4 cm

  • Weight


  • Care Instructions

    Air plant care instructions included with product

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